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People Counting System for Retail Stores

Improved sales conversions, a better understanding of customer traffic, and the measurement of the success of marketing events.

Industry to use:




Manage all the footfall in your store

Package include:

FootfallCam 5D Pro

Analytics Manager V9

StoreTraffic + Heatmap


Draw area polygon at heatmap dashboard to obtain heatmap analytics for area of interest

Package include:

FootfallCam 5D Pro

FootfallCam Centroid

Analytics Manager V9




Shopping mall operators can use traffic data to benchmark their performance, determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and substantiate the value of retail spaces by leveraging the data provided by Analytic Manager.

Package include:

FootfallCam 5D Pro

FootfallCam Centroid

Analytics Manager V9


"Entrance Counting"

Buy installing 1x people counter at your store entrance, helps to streamline operation across your stores in maintaining operational efficiency and coordinating activities. Benefit from a centralised management, multi-location integration, advanced reporting suite, achieved the operational efficiency


“Entrance + Demographics”

Combining the footfall with demographic data (Age, gender) to measure the responsiveness of different targeted user groups towards your marketing campaign and the sales performance.


“Entrance + In-store Analytics”

Extensible system package with zone performance in your store by integration with your existing CCTV. Identify hot and cold zone, the customer engagement in each area and product categories market respond towards the marketing campaign or display modification.



5D Pro people counters installed at the entrances count the number of people entering and exiting the premises.



Customer engagement analytics for a store's zone of interest. Improved comprehension of user behaviour.



Recognized and analysed customer facial features from video streams from your existing CCTV system.

Visitor Count.png

Understand Visitor Traffic

Evaluate your store's performance.

Sale Conversion.png

Improve Sales Conversion

Set a sales goal, track progress, and analyse the results.

Marketing Effectiveness.png

Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Monitor the success of marketing campaigns.

What We Offer

5D Pro2 at each entry/exit.

Accuracy verification and certification.

Using our existing cloud server or your private server to analyse and store data.

Complete end to end solution and on-going local technical support.

Web-based portal for business owners to manage their business data.

Fast and easy implementation.

Web-based portal

Gain insight through your portal to visually see custom reports, analytics, company reports, site reports, maintenance ​and marketing effectiveness.


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