FootfallCam 3D Plus™

Automated People Counting Technology for Businesses

We provide a cost-effective and efficient way to ensure occupancy levels are maintained.


Keep your staff and customers safe with our FootfallCam 3D Plus™ People Counter. A data-driven occupancy counter and management system, it allows you to accurately monitor the number of customers inside and keep your workplace compliant with the latest Australian state and federal government regulations for social distancing.Ideal for any business with indoor activities.

Our Occupancy Counter will help stay COVID-19 Compliant

Manage Social Distancing

  • Count real-time occupancy in your building

  • Automated display at your entrances to control incoming traffic

  • Alert staff if capacity limit is breached  

  • Ensure incoming customers feel safe.

  • Ensure COVID-19 capacity limits are compliant.

Optimise Staff Worklaod

  • Reduce any additional labour cost required in ensuring capacity limits are compliant. 

  • Single and Multiple entry/exit solution; 

Data Management

  • Collect data of customer visiting times and volume.

  • Regular data analysis and reporting to show compliance with capacity limits.

  • Monitor changes in customer visiting data.

What We Offer

3D plus camera counting sensor at each entry/exit.

Accuracy verification and certification.

Live display at each entry/exit.

Use our existing cloud server or your private server to analyse and store data.

Complete end to end solution and on-going local technical support.

Fast and easy implementation.

Web-based portal for business owners to manage their customer visiting data.

Web-based portal

Gain insight through your portal to visually see custom reports, analytics, company reports, site reports, maintenance ​and marketing effectiveness.


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