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OccupancyCount Technology can be used in various ways

Wi-Fi Hotspot
Drive-Thru SLA Tracker

Double Up as Wi-Fi Hotspot

A useful Wi-Fi Hotspot to offer internet connectivity without any additional devices and cabling infrastructure. By installing people counter devices in shop, malls, or bus, the devices can extend internet connectivity to public, thereby enhancing visitor's experience with convenience.


Save Infrastructure Costings

As Wi-Fi hotspot, people counting and CCTV are part of the standard solution that public venues need, FootfallCam has specially designed so that all three functions run on a single device. . All three functionalities - CCTV, people counter, Wi-Fi hotspot can run concurrently on a single device, FootfallCam 3D Max. Rather than running multiple cable across different servers and vendors, FootfallCam device just requires one-cable installation, to run multiple functionalities. By controlling with an On/Off enabling tool, shopping mall owners activate the provision of Free Wi-Fi to all areas of the mall that has nearby people counter device.


User Data Harvesting

Gather shopper's profile and contact details when they sign in to Wi-Fi. Useful information such as the user's age and gender, email address and phone number are common reasons that retailers offer Wi-Fi connection. Some retailers also gather feedback through questionnaire form to gain more customer insights.

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