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“Entrance Counting” for Shopping Mall

Product Summary

With just 1-5 devices which install at the shopping mall main entrances, you can effortlessly access essential data, including footfall trends over the years and performance during peak and non-peak period. Armed with these insights at your fingertips, the top management can make informed decisions to optimise operations and enhance the overall shopping experience for your valued visitors.

Product Description

With a range of software modules available, it helps businesses to make data-driven decisions supported by in-depth business insights and metrics.

People Counting - What's Measured

  • Visitor In and out- traffic trends in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years

  • Live occupancy of the traffic in the mall

  • Live accumulated footfall data of the day

  • Peak and non-peak hours

  • Visit duration

  • Traffic mix by entrance

  • Seasonal traffic variations

  • Marketing campaign impact

What Your Setup Can Look Like

From System Design To Install, We Take Every Step For You

  • Experienced technical consultant in planning the devices and achieved the budget fit for your system deployment

  • Streamlines processes and project management for on-time delivery without compromising quality

  • Expert engineer in system configuration and tuning

  • Integration work to ensure the seamless integration with your existing business function

  • Dedicated team for ongoing support and maintenance

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