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Accurate, Cost Effective People Counting System

Specifically designed for single door entrance, FootfallCam 3D Mini™ is a low cost people counting system with high counting accuracy. It is suitable to be deployed at meeting rooms and washrooms, to count the number of people utilising the facilities.

Specifically Designed for Single Doors

FootfallCam 3D Mini™ is designed with simplicity and cost efficiency in mind. Using the latest in ToF technology, we have engineered a people counter that can perform the same accurate and reliable people counting in a compact form factor that is 20% smaller than our regular devices. The 3D Mini’s coverage is only engineered for single entry doorways, which makes it ideal for meeting rooms, washrooms, store rooms, etc.

3D-Mini-Installation_With Text.png
FFC_3DMini_Ceiling Height.gif

Suitable for Low Ceilings, As Low As 1.9m

The FootfallCam 3D Mini™ can count people at heights lower than the regular counter. Even when it is installed at 1.9m ceiling height, the 3D Mini can accurately count each visitor when they’re walking in and out of single door entrances and exits. The sensor can also be installed to up to 3.0m ceiling height, which is the standard for single entry doorways.

Works Even in Complete Darkness

By using Time-of-Flight technology, we can continuously count visitors without being influenced by changing lighting conditions. This means that you can install people counters in any environment, even in complete darkness.

FFC_3DMini_Work in Darkness.gif
FFC_3DMini_Privacy Protection.gif

Full Privacy Protection

Instead of using cameras, our GDPR-exempted sensors are designed to count highly accurate visitor analytics without capturing any video image. By analysing the counter’s depth view, the sensor can count people while protecting the user’s privacy.

Product Specification

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