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Transportation Analytics

Passenger Counting for Bus Service Planning

Key Features
System Design and Specification

FootfallCam Passenger Counting System

By installing FootfallCam people counters at the bus entrances, bus operators will have visibility on:

  • Passenger IN & OUT Count

  • Bus Occupancy at any time


Why Passenger Counting for Buses?

Traditional Bus Operations Management is often manual and non-analytics-based. This creates pain points for bus operators as they lack concrete data to make informed business decisions. With our Smart Bus Solution, FootfallCam is able to provide passenger counting data that will help bus services companies achieve:

  • Visibility on real-time occupancy

  • Maximise the utilisation of each bus

  • Reduce cost by having effective bus route planning

  • Enhance passenger experience

How it Works?

Bus Occupancy

Make your life easier with our powerful software

We have ready-made templates that users can use in our software to gain the necessary insights to enhance their strategies.

Live Bus Operation Latest.png
Route Analysis.png

FootfallCam AI

Enhance workflow with intelligent analytics, automating processes by integrating AI-recommended data insights

  • Predictive Analysis for Better Planning

  • Automated Alerts for Immediate Rectification

  • AI-Powered Data Modelling

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