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“Entrance Counting” for Retail Chain

Product Summary

​​By installing 1x people counter at your store entrance, helps to streamline operation across your stores in maintaining operational efficiency and coordinating activities. Benefit from a centralised management, multi-location integration, advanced reporting suite, achieved the operational efficiency

Product Description

With a range of software modules available, it helps businesses to make data-driven decisions supported by in-depth business insights and metrics.

People Counting - What's Measured

  • Visitor In and out- traffic trends in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years

  • Live occupancy of the traffic in the mall

  • Peak and non-peak hours

  • Measure Sales Conversion Rate

  • WiFi Analytics - Visit Duration, Turn In Rate, Outside Traffic, Returning Customer

  • Group Counting

  • Staff Exclusion

  • Child Filtering

  • Footfall-to-Staff Ratio

  • Seasonal traffic variations

  • Marketing campaign impact

What Your Setup Can Look Like

From System Design To Install, We Take Every Step For You

  • Experienced technical consultant in planning the devices and achieved the budget fit for your system deployment

  • Streamlines processes and project management for on-time delivery without compromising quality

  • Expert engineer in system configuration and tuning

  • Integration work to ensure the seamless integration with your existing business function

  • Dedicated team for ongoing support and maintenance

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