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FootfallCam Space Sense™

Passive Infrared Human Presence Detector

  • Presence detector using PIR Technology

  • Track the occupancy and availability of a facility such as desks, seatings, washroom cubicles and meeting rooms

  • 4+ years battery life, advanced battery saving design for lower power consumption

  • Wireless, no cabling required

  • Easy to install, integrate and maintain

  • Water and dust resistance


Presence Detector
using PIR Technology

FootfallCam Space Sense™ measures the occupancy of the seats, washroom, and meeting rooms using anonymous Passive infrared sensor (PIR) technology for full privacy protection. FootfallCam Space Sense™ only detects the movement of the heat source and measures the utilisation of a facility.

Highest Accuracy : 5-Dimensional People Counting Technology

Combining 3D stereoscopic image processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) video analytics together with Time-of-Flight sensing technology, FootfallCam 5D Pro™ People Counter is optimised to achieve consistent and high accuracy up to 99.5%, even in environmentally challenging conditions, including strong shadow, inward swinging door, inconsistent lighting conditions and etc. by eliminating the limitations of those technologies.

Cost Effective
Wireless Sensor

No cabling is required. The Space Sense can be placed under a desk, or on a wall and a ceiling by any facility staff using secure, damage-free peel-and-stick adhesive strips, no technical skills required. The sensor is specifically designed to be used in the workplace with highest quality and reliable components for power saving optimization, and thus reducing the maintenance cost of having to change the battery frequently.

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Measuring the Usage
of Hot Desk

The dynamic working environment to facilitate group discussion and collaboration among team members is the new norm for most of the modern workplace nowadays. By mounting FootfallCam Space Sense under the desk, it measures the usage of desks, which helps the facility manager to gain the visibility in the usage pattern:

  • Which area has the highest usage?

  • Which type of desks is more popular among employees, e.g.: standing desk?

  • What is the usage behaviour? Do employees prefer sitting in a group for discussion or individual seating?

Integrate with Room/
Desk Booking System

Adding FootfallCam Space SenseTM to the Space Booking System not only reflecting the real time usage of the rooms and desks, it also helps to further categorise the actual usage of the workspaces:

  • Available room/desk with booking (Booked, No Show)

  • Available room/desk without booking (Open to Book)

  • Occupied room/desk with booking (Booked and Used)

  • Occupied room/desk without booking (Not Booked, Used)

Measuring the Washroom Cubicle Occupancy

FootfallCam Space Sense™ can be mounted in each of the washroom cubicles to detect the occupancy level anonymously. Displaying the available washrooms on a Visitor Signage, it helps to manage the expectation of the visitor and eventually distribute the traffic to other available washrooms.


Space Sense Features

Unobstructive and sleek design for industrial use with PIR motion detection. Cost effective, and specially designed with easy integration and installation. Extreme lightweight design, can be easily applied onto any surface and occasions to collect anonymous occupancy data.



3M Command Strip


4+ years battery life

Low Maintenance


Wireless Sensor

RF up to 50m radius


Anonymous Data

PIR Technology



150 gram

Product Specification


Technical Details

Arm Cortex – M3 Processor
Casing Material
ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
2 x CR2450 (Replaceable)
Power Consumption
Transmit Power
Detection Range
Up to 2m
Sensor Type
Infrared (IR)
Transmission Type (between seat sensor and receiver)
Transmission Range
50m radius
Radio Frequency
915 - 920 Mhz
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