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Airport Queue Management System


FootfallCam Airport Passenger Tracking System™

FootfallCam Airport Queue Management System is an essential tool for airport operators to manage the flow of passenger. By determining the waiting times in queuing areas, it helps airports to optimise their operations and helps passengers to set realistic expectations. FootfallCam system provides the industrial-grade process with built-in crisis management, stability monitoring and security assurance.


Usage: Queue management module

Accuracy: 95% and above

Reports: Live Dashboard, Weekly and Daily


Real-time Passenger Queue Monitoring

Airport operator would be able to monitor in real time of the queue length of all areas, and could assign resources to address area with excessive waiting time.


Airport Passenger Flow KPI

Airport top management can quantify the passenger satisfaction based on their waiting time in check-in lobby, security checkpoint, immigration desk and baggage collection. It allowed the management to Identify the weakest link and define a clear goal for the operation team.


Waiting Time Information Dashboard

The queue length and waiting time information can be exported to the Flight information dashboard or mobile app. It helps passenger to plan their journey and increase overall satisfaction.


Facility Management

Provide consistent service quality and make cost saving decisions by measuring the usage of facilities. By creating staff schedules based on the usage of facilities to reduce workload on areas that do not require maintenance, airport operators can optimise the efficiency of operations.

Make your life easier with our powerful software

We have ready-made templates that users can use in our software to gain the necessary insights to enhance their strategies.

Real Time Queue Monitoring 2.png
Real Time Queue Monitoring.png

FootfallCam AI

Enhance workflow with intelligent analytics, automating processes by integrating AI-recommended data insights

  • Predictive Analysis for Better Planning

  • Automated Alerts for Immediate Rectification

  • AI-Powered Data Modelling

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