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FootfallCam 3D ProWave™

High Resolution Millimeter Wave Radar People Counter

  • Widest Coverage Area: Reduce the Number of Devices Required by 40%

  • Real-time Occupancy Counting

  • Unparalleled Accuracy of Up to 99.5%

  • Anonymous Counting at Source, Privacy Protected

  • Expected Lifespan of 25 Years: Superior Cooling with Aluminium Unibody Casing

Anonymous Counting at Source, No Video Captured

FootfallCam 3D ProWave™ is specifically designed to guarantee full privacy of employees by using depth data and a custom radar system to measure the occupancy of the collaboration area using millimeter wave (mmWave) technology for total privacy. It does not come with any camera, therefore no video is being captured, it’s having anonymous counting at source and 100% privacy protected.

Wide Coverage with 120° Viewing Angle

FootfallCam 3D ProWave™ can cover 120 angles of view which is able to achieve efficient coverage area of more than 6m horizontally with just a single device. With this, it helps to reduce the total cost of ownership by reducing the number of devices required by 40%.


Suitable for Low Ceilings, As Low As 1.9m

The FootfallCam 3D Mini™ can count people at heights lower than the regular counter. Even when it is installed at 1.9m ceiling height, the 3D Mini can accurately count each visitor when they’re walking in and out of single door entrances and exits. The sensor can also be installed to up to 3.0m ceiling height, which is the standard for single entry doorways.


Optimised for All Environments

FootfallCam 3D ProWave™ is specially designed to count accurately with highest precision, even under all extreme conditions.

Heat dissipation.png

Superior Heat Dissipation

Enclosed in an aluminium unibody casing, acting as a giant heatsink for heat dissipation, prolong the lifespan of electronic components.

Widest Coverage.png

Widest Coverage

Equipped with 120 degree millimeter wave (mmWave), has a wider coverage area, reduce the total number of devices required.

Low light.png

Low Light

The built-in sensor (mmWave) further improves accuracy in low-light, even in complete darkness.

Water leakage proof.png

Water Leakage-Proof

Enclosed in splash proof casing to reduce the counter failure rate due to the common issues like water leakage on the ceiling.


Anonymous Data

Full privacy protection is provided using anonymous mmWave technology.

Suitable for Open Space Areas of Offices

The number of people sitting in the area can be detected by installing a FootfallCam 3D ProWave™

Discussion Areas


Collaboration Areas


Pantry / Water Cooler Areas

Product Specification


Technical Details

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