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Helping your customers stay safe

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FootfallCam 3D Plus™


Keep your staff and customers safe with our FootfallCam 3D Plus™ People Counter. A data-driven occupancy counter and management system, it allows you to accurately monitor the number of customers inside and keep your workplace compliant with the latest Australian state and federal government regulations for COVID-19.

Our Occupancy Counter will help stay COVID-19 Compliant


Ideal for all businesses

No matter the size, retail stores, restaurants, cafés, workplaces and other indoor venues - the Occupancy Counter uses Smart Displays and a camera-based counting system to manage customer numbers.

This means you can make sure that people are following social distancing measures and that your premise is following COVID-19 social distancing requirements to allow 4 square metres per person. The system also lets you reassure customers that their safety is important, and further along the track, will help you optimise shopper flow and conversion.

How does it work?

The FootfallCam 3D Plus™ People Counter system uses an automated, multi-point system of masked imaging, data and display panels to manage occupancy limits.

The device will then use a traffic light-style system to manage customer flow. If the occupancy level hasn’t reached the threshold, it will display green. If the threshold has been reached, it will display red. The display will also show a real-time count of the number of people inside.


Automated Occupancy Control System

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, state governments have imposed social distancing regulations to help people stay safe and healthy. Even though both essential and non-essential businesses are now allowed to be open, many are now required to control the number of visitors entering their facility or building. The FootfallCam 3D Plus™ People Counter system is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective way to manage these safety regulations.

  • Provides a real-time occupancy count.

  • Fast and easy to install.

  • An automated display at the main entrance helps manage incoming traffic flows.

  • Notification sent if the capacity limit is breached.

  • Live occupancy widget to display on your website.


Real-time occupancy Monitoring that Alerts Staff when Limit has been Breached

Business owners and managers can set a predetermined threshold for the number of people occupying a certain space, complying with COVID-19 government regulations to make sure both staff and customers are safe. Staff can use the live dashboard to view current occupancy levels. If a customer disregards the traffic light indicator and breaches the occupancy limit, the system will send an alert so that the issue can be addressed in real time.


What can Occupancy Count be used for after COVID-19 restrictions are eased?

OccupancyCount can be used to monitor footfall traffic in real-time:

  • See how foot traffic changes once the restrictions are lifted

  • Monitor visit durations

  • Monitor outside traffic and walk-bys

  • Maintain compliance and safety of customers and workers post COVID-19

We provide planning, cable design and full installation 

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